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Sea Haven - Monterey Bay

Monterey Wine Festival June 9-11


Now in its 41st year, The Monterey Wine Festival has established itself as the premier wine & food event in Monterey. Saturday and Sunday, lucky guests will fine savoring bites of wonderful foods that pair well with beers and spirits and sips of world class wines. Now, the festival features many new editions like cocktail camp, an entire array of craft spirits and more that keep guests happy and the palate alive with anticipation. Beer and live music added into the mix make this a not to be missed celebration.

The Monterey Wine Festival kicks off with an exclusive event on Friday June 9th where guests will enjoy creations highlighting luxury foods including lobster, duck, lamb racks, wild caught salmon, foie gras, wagyu style beef, jumbo prawns and more. These luxury foods are all paired with a preferred array of wines from exquisite Pinot’s, Chard’s and Pinot Gris’ to outstanding Syrah’s and Cab’s. Fine whiskeys & tequila round out Friday from 6-9 p.m. This will provide an unbelievable experience in the heart of great wine country for like-minded guests with discerning palates. Prepare to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Limited to only 100 guests. Click here for tickets. 

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